Month: March 2018

Château La Maroutine Bordeaux Rouge 2012 (Drinking)

Château La Maroutine Bordeaux Rouge 2012 from Bordeaux·France is a great wine that I’ve been drinking. It calms and relaxes my soul, bringing in my appreciative senses and allowing me to slow down my work and the constantly fast paced and infuriating life.  When reading the reviews online on and drinking the wine, I come to better …

Spine Health

I’ve been reading this article, and I am more concern about spine health and spine growth then before. I will take measures and exercise those stretches whenever time permits and I am in a conducive environment to perform these stretches. I hope to improve my overall flexibility of my body and hence lead to better …

Node.JS and other Javascript Guides (PDF)

Node.JS from TutorialsPoint: Node.JS Marklogic Server: JQuery from TutorialsPoint: ReactJS from TutorialsPoint: AngularJS Novice to Ninja: Code School AngularJS: MongoDB by TutorialsPoint: NodeJS Web Development: