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Brexit: Live Q&A with The Economist

It has been a busy time for British politics. Again, Brexit is taking over the headlines. John Peet, The Economist’s Brexit editor, takes your questions in a live Q&A.

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For specific questions, please see timecodes here:
02:00 What happened on Saturday 19th October?
06:25 Will there be another extension?
08:46 If Brexit failed, will it mark the beginning of the fall of rightwing politics in UK and Europe?
10:16 Do you think there’s a higher chance of having an election than a second referendum?
12:04 What makes the government claim that the UK will leave on the 31st October and is their confidence justified?
13:28 What is needed to stop the Brexit deadlock?
15:37 Which party is likely to come out on top following a general election?
17:43 John explains what the new Brexit deal means for Ireland
18:44 Anna’s mic dropped here, apologies for the loud buzz on the audio!
19:37 We are back
19:58 How will Northern Ireland react to Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal?
21:09 John explains how the Brexit deal affects Scotland
22:15 Is there a solution to the Irish border issue?
22:54 Will Scotland have another independence referendum?
24:09 What is the future of the pound if the Brexit deal goes through?
25:32 What are the economic implications of another delay?
28:08 Will Britain become a tax haven after Brexit?
29:28 What deals could the UK make with other nations after Brexit to boost their economy?
31:50 How will Brexit affect the ongoing Us-China Trade war?
33:18 Will Europeans apply for UK visas and vice versa going forward?

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