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Gen Y Speaks: I went from an N-level class which chased away a teacher to be a top graduate headhunt

I was asked why I had a PSLE score of 185 when my twin brother had 208. I did some self-reflection and realised that if he can do it in the same environment, why couldn’t I. Author Barry Yuen shares how he went from an N-level student to a top SMU graduate.

Mental Health: Talking about it and listening

Mental health professionals and advocates say Singaporeans’ attitudes towards mental illness and their knowledge of it have vastly improved compared with a decade ago.  However, preventive work needs to be done alongside destigmatisation efforts, and that includes learning the appropriate language to use when speaking to a family or a friend who has a mental […]

New hawkers

Recipients of the Promising New Hawker Award, given to those who have participated in the National Environment Agency’s (NEA) Incubation Stall Programme, talk about the challenges of being new entrants in an old trade. Read more: and

Where kids with and without special needs learn together — and it’s not in S’pore

Amid the push towards a more inclusive society in Singapore — which includes greater inclusion in schools — TODAY, in partnership with philanthropic organisation Lien Foundation, visited Vancouver for a week earlier this year to get a first-hand look at how schools there have made inclusive classrooms a reality. Read more at

11-year-old environmentalist speaks out about climate change

With global climate strikes happening around the world, young environmentalists have become the subject of criticism abroad and at home. “I think that young activists shouldn’t worry about criticism because they are doing what they think is right, and following their beliefs,” said 11-year-old Oliver Chua who wants to increase awareness about climate change. The […]

Gen Y Speaks: My dad came to Singapore at 13 with nothing. This is what I learnt from him

“From my dad’s life, I learnt the importance of conviction…I also learnt the importance of grit and perseverance. My dad came to Singapore with nothing. Life was tough for him but he didn’t give up nor make excuses for himself.” Gen Y Speaks author Maa Zhi Hong shares what he learnt from his father’s journey to […]

Pushing past the “special needs” label

Seth has Ataxic Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder. His mother put him in a mainstream primary school, then challenged him to take Malay as a second language. She even tried to get him enlisted in National Service. She did all these so that her son could experience all that […]