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The Big Read: In Malaysia’s polls, BN faces a test of loyalty versus a yearning for change

WATCH: Malaysian ruling coalition Barisan Nasional has long depended on rural Malay Muslims as a crucial vote bank. Can BN still depend on them for their support or will their desire for change see it lose power for the first time since 1957?

They’re more than just old machines; vintage bike owners call new rules a ‘death sentence’

Under new rules announced by the National Environment Agency aimed at curbing carbon emissions, motorcycles registered before July 1, 2003, will no longer be allowed on roads from July 1, 2028. What will this mean for heritage motorcycle enthusiasts? Read the full story here: (Video: Jason Quah, Low Youjin/TODAY)

Police to sport a new uniform from April 16. Can you spot the difference?

Look closely if you walk past a police officer from next Monday (April 16) – he or she will be sporting a new uniform designed for greater comfort and ease of use with body vests. The changes, while visually subtle, are aimed at improving the operational effectiveness of its frontline officers, the police said in […]

The Big Read: Putting the brakes on illegal parking of shared bicycles

Since pedalling into Singapore’s market slightly over a year ago, bike-sharing operators have altered many commuters’ first and last mile journeys by injecting hundreds of thousands of shared bicycles onto the streets and allowing users to end their trips almost anywhere. However, in that short time span, it has also caused the problem of indiscriminate […]

Faces on the Subway: Former mini-mart owner, 86, finds greater freedom of movement

Mr Koh Seong Lye was a rubber tapper working in a plantation in Johor, worked as a quarry supervisor in Pulau Ubin, sold prawn crackers in his kampung in Woodlands, and started a mini-mart business in Ang Mo Kio. Now at 86 years old, he is not on his feet so much and walks with […]


More women here are forgoing Barbie-thin beauty ideals in favour of more muscular physiques, and many of them have also taken to social media to document their physical transformation using the #girlswholift hashtag, which currently boasts more than 20 million posts on Instagram. Although industry players said the trend is still in its infancy in […]