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Meet the Metalheads

“Why you listen to all this satanic music? So you satanic ah?” Mr Subash Ramone, 42, says that is one of the most common questions he gets for being a death metal fan. TODAY asks three metal music fans how they feel the community is perceived and why they are passionate about this genre of […]

Turning trash into art

What do you do with thousands of used plastic cups? ‘Plastikophobia’ is Canadian artist Von Wong’s latest artwork featuring over 18,000 used plastic cups collected from 26 hawker centres. The aim is to highlight the rapid buildup of single-use plastic waste.

The Big Read: In the pursuit of technology, what happens to workers left behind?

As the relentless march of technology leaves its mark across industries, scores of Singapore workers young and old have risen to the challenge, jumping over hurdles to embrace new skills and stay ahead of the curve. Yet, there remains a segment of society who risk being left in the dust. Some of these workers, who […]