Economic Update: Is U.S. Capitalism In Decline?

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[S9 E26] Is U.S. Capitalism In Decline?

THIS WEEK’S TOPICS (w/timestamps):
00:52 – Updates on pay inequalities for CEOs VS average workers
03:03 – the economics of mega-mergers
06:52 – billionaires’ idea of “charity”
09:31 – the economic consequences of attacking the Huawei Corporation
13:02 – and Sen. Bernie Sanders take the lead on two new bills in Congress designed to expand and provide loans to employee-owned businesses and worker co-ops
14:23 – announcements;
15:09 – SPECIAL GUEST: Prof. Wolff interviews Professor Richard McIntyre on the basic problems with U.S. capitalism today.

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Dr. Richard McIntyre is Professor of Economics and chair of the Economics department at the University of Rhode Island where he is also co-director of the URI in Cuba program. He has lectured at many universities in the US and Europe including the University of Rennes II in Winter/Spring 2017 where he held the Chair of the Americas (Chaire des Amériques). He is the author of Are Worker Rights Human Rights? (Michigan 2008), co-editor of Knowledge, Class and Economics: Marxism without Guarantees (forthcoming, 2017), and the author of many academic and popular articles across a range of topics in political economy.


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