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Check out this video for last Minute Study Tips and How To Prepare For Exams in Short Time. watch ChetChat masterclass on Last Minute Study Tips and some study tips for exams including some study tips for board exam and last minute study tips as well as last minute study tricks with some excellent last minute tips for exam as well as last minute studying tips.

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In this video we cover the four main aspects of exam preparation
a) How to Prioritise
b) How to Memorize
c) How to stay healthy
d) What to avoid doing

1:18 A. Scheduling and Prioritisation Tips

1. How do I find out which are the important topics

2. The best way to solve Past papers –

3. When to study what topic

4. Josh Kaufman – 20 hours rule

6:40 B. Smart Learning and Memorization Tips

Tips for three types of learners
1. Auditory –
2. Visual
3. Kinaesthetic

9:53 C. Tips to reduce stress and stay healthy
How to keep our mind calm and remain focussed
Tips to remain healthy and relaxed are

12:15 D. Things to avoid at the last minute

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