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Job Description

Job Description:

The incumbents shall adhere to the principles and practice of infection control, health and safety while working with our nursing team in providing patient care support at our dialysis centres. Key responsibilities include the followings :
1. Adheres to principles and practice of infection control, health and safety
2. Ensures equipment is clean, safe and in good working order and reports any defects to CNM / RN in charge :
  • Checking and calibration of equipment
  • Preparation of dialysis machine
  • Removal of medical consumables items from dialysis machine
  • Machine disinfection / Chair clean-up
  • Weekly cleaning of dialysis chair and machines
  • Labelling routine/adhoc blood test tubes
3. Replenishment of medical consumable items for daily usage including cleaning and preparing of working trollies,     including of white bags preparation
4. Assists with pre/post dialysis specifications: weight, temperature and other vital signs of the patient
5. Crowd control and distribution of patient dialysis cards
6. Serves refreshments to patients
7. Reports incidents / accidents immediately to the CNM / RN in charge
8. Participates in nursing shift handover sessions and continuous quality improvement projects
  • Completed secondary  education. Able to read and write in English
  • Working in health care setting will be at an advantage
  • Willing to work on Saturday  (when rostered)
  • Working Shifts : AM shift: 6:30am – 4pm, PM shift: 2pm – 11:30pm (include 1 hour break)


Job Summary

Entry level Primary/Secondary School/O Level, Professional Certificate/NiTEC
National Kidney Foundation


The NKF is a well-established organisation that provides dialysis treatment and rehabilitative care to kidney failure patients at affordable, subsidised rates. Our philosophy is to care for our patients holistically so that they can lead fulfilling and meaningful lives.   In partnership with community, we also encourage and empower the public to take charge of their health through education and prevention of kidney disease.

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