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Learning Support Educator

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Job Description

Job Description:

You will be responsible and work closely with early childhood educators and external paraprofessionals to enhance the teaching and learning of children across developmental areas in a typical early childhood settings.  
  • Provides specific differentiated intervention method to the children in the areas of academic, behaviour learning, social and social communication skill
  • Provides support, demonstration and skills transferred to early childhood educators to manage children with mild learning difficulties in typical classroom setting
  • Integrates the various specialized therapeutic approaches into ongoing intervention and educational practice
  • Periodically administers assessment and evaluate child’s learning with standardised early development tools
  • Develops Individualised Education Plan (IEP) and progress report
  • Works cooperatively with all families to support children’s learning and development
  • Conducts internal trainings to both educational support and child development teams
  • Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Intervention (Special Needs) (ADECI)
  • Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education
  • Certificate in Special Needs Support (NIE)
  • Certificate in Autism (EIP)
  • Work experiences in early intervention setting would be advantageous
  • Learning support work experiences in early childhood setting
  • Possess basic communication skill and the ability to engage the children
  • Nurturing and dedicated to the development and well-being of children
  • Self-driven team player


Job Summary

Entry level Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma, Bachelor's Degree, Post Graduate Diploma, Professional Degree
YWCA Child Development Centres


The YWCA of Singapore is the oldest women’s organisation in Singapore. Founded in 1875, the YWCA has always been committed to meeting the needs of our society through her active involvement in community services and its many programmes and activities. Over the years, the work of the Association has developed and includes the including:- Bursary Scheme for children on the Hungry No More (Meals-On-Wheels for Children) Programme who have performed well in their studies. The children will be given a one-off reward consisting of both monetary and non-monetary incentives as a form of motivation so that they will continue to work hard in school and strive for further excellence Financial Assistance Programme to needy children attending our Child Development Centres who are unable to pay the full fees Hungry No More (Meals-on-Wheels for Children), a programme that distributes free nutritious dinners to children from low-income families on a daily basis from Mondays to Fridays Hungry No More (Meals-on-Wheels for Elderly), a programme that distributes free nutritious meals to needy, frail and homebound elderly on a daily basis from Mondays to Fridays Hungry No More (Sustenance for Families), a programme which distributes dry rations on a monthly basis to needy families living in designated areas such as Redhill, Bukit Merah, Bendemeer Road and Indus Road, and who are not receiving any form of assistance from Senior Activity Centres and/or Family Service Centres. For the elderly who are semi-mobile, the YWCA will also provide house cleaning services to help clean up their homes so that they will have a safe and comfortable place to live in YWCA Kids’ Club, a programme that aims to help the beneficiaries of the Hungry No More (Meals-On-Wheels for Children) Programme to realise their potential through social, emotional, moral and academic support “Yes U Can...Be Included!”, an integration programme for pre-school children with mild special needs – an early intervention programme that aims to provide mainstream pre-school education for children with mild special needs in a normal child care environment with the purpose of integrating them into normal schools Hostel, which provides affordable housing facilities for single, working foreign women 1 Kindergarten and 10 Child Development Centres, located island wide, which provide quality and accessible early child care and education services Fort Canning Lodge, which offers affordable accommodation and meeting, training and seminar room facilities.

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