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Job Description

Job Description:

  • Able to reach sales targets & outcomes within the targeted period
  • Provide after sales support including resolving customer’s complaints and responding to feedbacks
  • Visit customer’s site when required
  • Attend workshops, seminars and industry groups meetings when necessary
  • Generate daily sales status reports, monthly sales report as and when required
  • Relaying up to date information in industry’s best practices and developments, changes to regulations or codes of practices to relevant customers
  • Establish positive relationships with existing and prospective customers, understanding their specific requirements and propose alternative solution to optimize operations and to increase fleet management output for opportunities.
  • Manage business information and data such as contacts, waste product category information, billing information, opportunities, sales quotation, sales contract (eg. RFQ/ Submission of tenders)
  • Organize and obtain waste samples for analysis and profiling, customer waste stream declaration, safety data sheet, the process of waste generation and other relevant information that may assist with the waste profiling
  • Proactively participate during meetings and discussion. Providing insights and suggestions on improving the business costing, technical evaluation, treatment method and operational requirements (eg. For wastes that requires special handling or attention)
  • Discuss with management on competitors information and activities, prepare updates and review different status for opportunities following up on contracts and quotations daily to improve company revenue
  • Work closely with respective departments, EHS coordinators and logistics to iniate risk assessments and safe work procedure for waste collection, also ensuring service quality are met
  • Degree or Diploma in Chemistry/ Chemical Engineering or equivalent
  • Experience in environmental services/ waste management will be an added advantage
  • No experience candidates are welcome
  • Salary offer subject to qualifications and experience


Job Summary

Entry level Diploma, Advanced/Higher/Graduate Diploma
Chem-Solv Technologies Pte Ltd


About Us :- Toxic and hazardous waste is an inevitable consequence of modern technological era. Waste is steadily produced by the industrial sector, namely, chemical manufacturers, refineries, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and laboratories. Great concern has been shown by the public over environmental protection, proper and safe disposal of toxic and hazardous waste in industrialised countries. Chem-Solv Technologies understand this disposal problem and accepted the challenge of setting up a comprehensive toxic and hazardous waste management facility and the manufacturing of specialty chemicals and solvents in Singapore. Incorporated in 1983, Chem-Solv was granted a five year pioneer status by the Economic Development Board, to undertake this project. During the past operation, Chem-Solv Technologies Pte Ltd has diversified into the following areas to provide one-stop services to its valued clients: Toxic & Hazardous Waste Disposal Effluent Treatment Plant Recycling of Solvents Incineration Fixation and Encapsulation Lab Services Research & Development Emergency Response for Spills and Leaking Containers ISO Tank Rental, Steaming, Drumming & Cleaning Vacuum Tanker Services Water Treatment & Maintenance Refinery Services At Chem-Solv Technologies, our clients are assured of quality value added services. We will move in tandem with technologies to provide our clients with the most cost effective waste management solutions in town. Chem-Solv will continue to abide by the standards laid down by the industry and its governing bodies, as we help our clients solve today's industrial chemical waste problems, so that we can all have a better tomorrow!  

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