LIVE Monday Blues Study with Me || 6:30am to 6:30 PM || 50 min with 7 min breaks

Quick warmup session of 30 mins, then two 1 hour sessions to get some questions done. Then I’ll review them, and back to the Boards and Beyond videos.

Today’s schedule:
– 30 min warmup
– 1 hour / 10 min break
– 1 hour / 10 min break
– 50 minute sessions until GYM at 11:30am
I will return at 2:30pm, and we’ll study another 6.5 hours!

OCTOBER WALLPAPERS are up on the blog — feel free to download and use them!

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**WiFi is acting up so please excuse any sudden interruptions. If it stops abruptly, I will do my best to get it up and running ASAP, so refresh and hopefully I’ll be back**

TIMEZONE: CET (Central European)

When I’m not listening to the Spotify study playlist (below), I’m listening to this:…

Are you on Forest? I’ll share the room codes in the chat when there’s 1 minute left of the break timer! My Forest email is [email protected] .

I’d love to chat with any other students in those breaks, so send me any questions you may have!

Next livestream can be found on the schedule:…

Comment what you’re studying below, and let’s get to work.

[Discord chat for Forest room/studying buddies! ]

Check out my blog for some resources:
iPad Notes app: Noteshelf 2 (affiliate link
My supplies/stationery that’s from Amazon can be found here:… (affiliate store)

Music I’m listening to (if I’m listening): Study Music Collaborative Playlist on Spotify…

Study Motivation/Energetic And Corny Songs:…

Music credits: Unicorn Heads – it’s on a loop, so of course feel free to mute. Sadly, I can’t listen to the music loudly, but you can find the playlist I usually listen to on Spotify!

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