real time study with me (with music + rain sounds)

hello! a few people have requested a real time study with me kind of video, so here it is! i made it so that you have time to gather your materials as well as a little reminder to take a study break at the end. you can use this as a “study timer” and replay the video once you’re done with your break to time your study session again. let me know if you want me to make more videos like this, with or without music, with or without rain / water sounds, etc etc. i’m always happy to make more :”)
this was pre-filmed in august and pre-scheduled so that you guys could consistently have content from me, and i didn’t think that i would have time to make more videos in the first few months of college. thanks for understanding!

// materials used //
♡ daiso looseleaf b5 binder note
♡ dong-a miffy grey highlighter (alternative)
♡ dong-a anygel 0.5 gel pen
♡ stabilo swing cool pastel pink highlighter
♡ dretec timer

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programs used ⇒ adobe premiere pro, after effects, photoshop

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// music //
iceland album by louie zong
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